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Patent and Engineering Law Classes

With Professor Joe Barich

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The Joseph M. Barich
Excellence In Patent Law Award

The Barich Patent Award is presented to a 3L at the University of Illinois College of Law who has demonstrated interest and accomplishment in Patent Law - and especially in Patent Prosecution.  The winning 3L is awarded $500.

The 2017 Barich Patent Award has already been awarded.  Please check back in early April 2018 for the application form for the 2018 Award.

Congratulations to the 2017 Winner of the
Barich Patent Award!

Harrison Rose

Congratulations to the 2016 Winner of the
Barich Patent Award!

Ismail Cem Kuru

Congratulations to the 2015 Winners of the
Barich Patent Award!

Donald Bunton and Brett Scott

Congratulations also to the 2015 Barich Award
Finalist Prachi Mehta

Congratulations to the 2014 Winner of the
Barich Patent Award!

Jae Kim

Congratulations also to the 2014 Barich Award Finalists:
  • Paul VanderVelde
  • Jeremy Roux

Congratulations to the 2013 Winner of the
Barich Patent Award!

Grant Gildehaus

Congratulations also to the 2013 Barich Award Finalists:
  • Samuel Means
  • Andrew Nevill
  • Michael Boyea


Congratulations to the 2012 Winner of the
Barich Patent Award!

Scott Cromar

Congratulations also to the 2012 Barich Award Finalists:
  • Kyle Beckemeyer
  • Morgan Coates
  • David Dremann
  • Angela Hsieh 

Congratulations to the 2011 Winner of the

Barich Patent Award!

Nicole Janovick

Congratulations to Nicole as she embarks on a successful career in patent law.

Congratulations also to the 2011 Barich Award Finalists:

  • Jonathan Hughley
  • Siho You

Congratulations to the 2010 Winner of the
Barich Patent Award!

Kevin Cukierski

Kevin will be joining the Chicago office of K&L Gates LLP—a general practice law firm with a strong IP background —as a member of its intellectual property practice group.  Kevin will be focusing on both patent litigation and patent prosecution.

Congratulations also to the 2010 Barich Award Finalists:

  • Ann Palma
  • James Lovsin
  • Justin Cook
  • Robert "Mike" Azzi
  • Katherine Hartnett
  • Devon Curtis

Congratulations to the 2009 Winner of the
Barich Patent Award!

Matt Rudd

Matt is now a member of McCracken & Frank - an Intellectual Property law firm in Chicago.  Matt will be focusing on patent prosecution and the management of IP rights.

Congratulations also to the 2009 Barich Award Finalists:

  • Christopher Anderson
  • Helena Drake
  • Steven Gutke


 Congratulations to the 2008 Winner of the
Barich Patent Award!

Mike Turner


Mike R. Turner is now a member of Neal Gerber Eisenberg’s Intellectual Property Practice Group. Mike’s work spans all aspects of acquiring, managing and enforcing intellectual property, with a majority of his work directed to trademarks and patents of an electrical, mechanical or business process nature.